Techie Tuesday: 5 Useful Chrome Extensions For Work


In this age of emails and digital work, there are many caveats that come with working online. Here are 5 useful chrome extensions we think could help you boost your efficiency with your work both in and out of the office:


1. Streak

Streak’s email view tracking is probably its most prominent feature that notifies Gmail users when their emails have been viewed, or when they have not been opened, responded to, or sent properly. In the form of charts and graphs in the email sidebar, you can see the exact times (and device type) your email has been read, as well as a neighborhood mapping that shows what part of the city your recipient has viewed your message.


2. Boomerang

Boomerang is an extension for scheduled sending and email reminders. With this extension, you can write emails and schedule them to be sent automatically at a desirable time. Boomerang can also provide effective email reminders, such as setting reminders to follow up if no one has responded to your message after a specified time frame, or to follow up on an important email that you may have forgotten about.


3. Momentum

Momentum is a personalized dashboard on Chrome that displays the time and weather with randomized backgrounds and inspirational quotes for every new tab. There is also a To-Do list on the corner of the page, and a place for bookmarked links.


4. Grammarly

Grammarly is an extension that grammar checks everything you type. For detected misspelled words, it will underline the word or phrase in either green or red and offer various replacement suggestions.


5. AdBlock

AdBlock prevents any pop-ups from opening, and you can also set certain pop-up ads to be blocked with the extension if they aren’t already. Users can also pause AdBlock at anytime, in case it blocks a necessary pop-up window.

These are five extensions that we use quite frequently, but there is definitely an abundance out there! What are some extensions we’ve left out that you guys recommend? Leave a comment below!

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